Back To School Week

As the summer holidays draw to a close, we focus this week on the return to school and how to provide practical good health for your children as they embark on their new school years.

Many parents may well be looking forward to the return to school. Compared to the ongoing task of juggling everyday commitments with keeping the kids occupied for six weeks, the prospect of packing the kids off on their first day seems in itself a ‘break’ from the stresses surrounding the summer hols. But it’s important not to forget here that your children may themselves be suffering some anxiety. If this is the child’s first entry to a new school, the break from the family will come as a shock to the system. Similarly if your child is entering into a key stage in their education, then mounting stress related to their performance could be bubbling away under the surface.

Whilst it goes against the grain as an online chemist to suggest non-pharmaceutical treatments here, it is good advice to be involved in the process as much as possible to guide your kids on their way. If this is your child’s first entry to school, take the time to involve them in the processes of stocking up for the new school year, let them help you when buying their uniform and any equipment they may need to take with them. Talk to your kids about their new year ahead and use this as a platform to identify any possible areas of anxiety your children may have. If your child’s teacher is worth their salt then you shouldn’t be discouraged to talk to them to raise any concerns, with everyone on board from the get-go any issues can ultimately be dealt with more effectively.

On a practical note, it is important to prepare your children for the new school routine. During the summer break you may well have let your children’s schedule slide, so a few weeks before school starts reintroduce meal and bedtimes around the school day. A well-rested and stress-free child will have a better immunity and, of course, a better general well-being.

Whilst researching this article we found this excellent webpage which deals with the above issues in more detail:

With all the preparation in the world you’ve still got the possible worry of your child catching the latest bug going around. All too often your child’s school will be a melting pot for a bunch of new illnesses and – starting as we do in the Autumn – the threat of Winter bugs draws nearer. Here’s how we can help. We’ve a comprehensive range of child-safe Probiotics, Vitamins and Echinacea. Some of these supplements can be taken continuously throughout the Winter months to boost your child’s immunity and safeguard against catching unwanted colds, flu bugs and other nasty viruses. As a concerned parent, it’s good to know you’ve done your best to keep your child healthy as time away from school, especially in later years, can have a negative effect on your child’s education.

Please follow this link for our full list of child-safe immunity boosting treatments;

Good luck to you and yours in the new school year ahead. 

Express Chemist

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