Baby Care Part 1

It’s hard to ignore that we’re currently living through a Baby Boom. Statistics alone will tell you that in 2012 we saw the highest surge in births in the UK since the 70’s. I, your humble blogger here at Express Chemist, am blessed with my own little bundle of joy and so, with a wealth of baby products to choose from, I thought I’d spend the next few weeks testing out a few and giving you some honest feedback on those of them I think are well worth trying.

Our ‘Test Baby’ (who shall be referred to henceforth as Buddy) is currently enjoying his 14th month, so it could be argued he’s graduated already to full toodlerhood, but he’s still in nappies and still exhibits some of those, ‘oh so cute’ babyish qualities. Whilst he was more than happy at first to be spoonfed, he’s since developed the ability to pick up his own spoon. Having notched up this landmark life-skill, he now deems assisted feeding highly unnecessary and is fiercely resistant to letting anyone put anything in his mouth – he can do this now, it’s his job!

Whilst I relish in seeing my son develop the independence of a ‘big person’, I’m now faced with a new challenge; that of maintaining a good dental hygiene routine. It’s evident now that the toothbrush is regarded as the equal of the spoon and getting the thing into Buddy’s mouth to give his increasing collection of teeth a good scrub has become nigh-on impossible. I’ve tried distraction techniques, covert, drive-by toothbrush ninja-ing and have even attempted to let him learn by copying what Daddy does by brushing my own teeth whilst letting him hold his own freshly pasted brush. At best, despite my efforts, Buddy will suck all the toothpaste off the brush and then wield it as if conducting an invisible orchestra before his focus shifts to the next shiny object, heralding an abrupt end to ‘toothtime’.

I won’t lose faith, I know that plugging away at these things is key and fully expect Buddy to learn from copying. Eventually he will, I’m sure, learn the individual nuances of toothbrush and spoon and their associated uses. If any of you out there have had similar issues, I’d love to hear about it. For me, brushing with a regular children’s toothbrush was going fine until Buddy decided otherwise.

And here’s where serendipity struck, as I was wading through writing content for the site I stumbled across these;

I realise here that I may be gaining negative parent points for not having known about the existence of such things. In hindsight I guess I was too busy enjoying having a newborn around to pay attention to the numerous freebie offers that get flung at you in the post-natal ward.

This said I hurriedly procured a pack and that evening introduced the first of the twelve to Buddy. Following the tips I’ve read in baby dental care leaflets, I sat him on my knee, (I chose a particularly calm moment to do this) slipped one of the baby wipes on my forefinger and gently teased it into his mouth. I was fully expecting to meet some resistance here, but was pleasantly surprised instead to find Buddy greedily sucking away on the wipe and grabbing my hand closer to him. I was then able to feel around inside his mouth and managed to give his little teeth and gums a good going over.

Eureka! A practical product for babies that works! And a useful solution for toothtime.

The Brush-Baby wipes are coated in Xylitol, not only a beneficial dental health agent but a natural sweetener (often used by diabetics) so the yummy taste gets baby going whilst you can go about keeping those milk teeth clean. The directions indicate the wipes can be used up to 16 months, so I’ll have at least 2 months’ mileage. I notice the same company makes chewable toothbrushes for use up to 2 years so if I can source some of these as well, I’ll definitely give them a go and let you know what I think.

On a side note the wipes do not contain fluoride, a controversial ingredient for many and one I myself look to avoid in my own dental care regime. There’s so much negative buzz about the stuff I figure I’ll leave it, I mean for centuries we kept our teeth clean without it right?

I’ll be getting back soon with some more baby products I’ve tried to let you know what I think (either way). I’d be more than happy to let you know my thoughts on anything from our range that you’re interested to find out about before you buy. Here’s a link to our baby and child healthcare section for your perusal

Until next time!

Steve and Buddy

Express Chemist

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