Day 4

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I’m still holding on in there and on the 4th day of Stoptober have still not yet smoked one cigarette. I have to admit yesterday was the most trying day yet. I had trouble concentrating on anything for longer than about 10 minutes and had a very grumpy disposition. It’s crazy how your mood is affected by smoking. I used my abstinence-induced, short tempered nature to help stave off the urge. I kept telling myself that this is what fags do to your mind and once out the other side I’d be able to look back and smugly congratulate my quitting self.

Perhaps out of sympathy, or perhaps out of a desire to get me to write about products on the website, my manager let me try some  herbal tobaccos. I’m not sure  what the official Stoptoberian ruling is on smoking this stuff. It has to be said that whilst herbal smoking alternatives are non-addictive and do not contain nicotine they are still harmful for you, albeit less so than regular cigarettes.

I tried a few different varieties, one which stuck out as bearable smell and taste-wise is the Honeyrose Farmers Mix, this has a faint odour of vanilla and has a fairly pleasant herbal flavour.  Be sure to use a filter tip if you smoke this stuff as it’s very bitty.

Part of the whole giving up process is finding a way to replace the habitual act of smoking. When I was still smoking I had very rigid smoking points during the day, which if I missed would be a cause of some annoyance. Yesterday when I reached a smoke-point and had a craving I went outside and lit up a herbal fag which did help to take my mind off things.

I can’t see myself smoking herbal cigarettes in the long term, so I can see how they fit into an overall quitting plan. Whilst they may not be for me we do see fairly good sales of herbal smoking alternatives, maybe I’m missing out on something?

As I approach the first weekend of Stoptober I’ve planned ahead to ensure I’ve got plenty to keep me busy and hopefully keep my mind off smoking again. I’ll be posting back next week to let you know how I’ve been getting on and also hopefully pass on some info from the pharmacist.

To all those who have made it this far, well done! Keep it up, you’re doing an excellent job!

Very best of luck everyone


Express Chemist

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2 Responses to Day 4

  1. This is a great account of how difficult it is to quit cold turkey. Our team have tried every cessation under the sun and nothing seems to take away the craving 😦 you can read about our efforts on our blog, I dont think we are doing as well as you!

  2. Thanks for the comment, I’m still very shaky but just about hanging in there, I hope you’ve made it through the second weekend of Stoptober?

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