Day 25


Although the end of Stoptober seemed a long way off at the outset, it’s soon come round to the final stretch. I’ve had my ups and downs on the way but I’m pleased to say I’ve only fallen off the wagon once. As I reach the end of the fourth week I’m starting to think less about smoking. My mood seems to have generally levelled out and I’m finding it much easier to stay focused at work.

I still keep my Vapourlite close but I’m using it less often. Points in the day when historically I would have been smoking like clockwork have all but gone from my life. The most difficult time was always the morning, the first fag of the day signalling an abrupt wake up call to my brain and somehow magically getting the system going. As a result I would often skip breakfast despite knowing this to be unwise. Indeed on reflection there is an aspect of intellectual denial in the smoker’s character, for one they smoke knowing it to be harmful, such is the nature of addiction.

I’m now a keen reconverted breakfaster and enjoy my cereal and chat with my eldest before we part company in the morning. I’ve found the craving for that first morning smoke has now completely disappeared. It’s often mentioned that reforming smokers eat more, this is certainly true for me. I’ve accepted that my weight may increase as a result, (although I can’t say I’ve noticed myself ballooning as yet) this really is the lesser of two evils however.

At work I still on occasion get strong cravings. With my smoking colleagues exercising their right to nip out the office and puff away I do sometimes want to join them. As I’ve already mentioned when these urges emerge I like to take five minutes to read and if that doesn’t hold my attention I’ll reach for the Vapourlite,

The post work reward fag, for me one of the most enjoyable in the past has now been replaced with either a brisk walk or, more recently, an impromptu ‘bus meeting’ with my content writing cohorts. Neither are acceptable places for smoking, the latter in the eyes of the law and the former in the eyes of fitter, smarter, healthier future me. With quitting ideally leading to a life change for the better I like to take the opportunity to take the other extreme as it were and do something positively healthy when a craving comes. It’s a good old trek back from work and I’ll get a decent marching pace on. I can then take solace in the fact I’ve done myself good not bad.

Evenings during the week would often see me rushing to get the kids bathed and bedded so that I get out for a smoke, if things weren’t running smoothly I would often get agitated for being held up. I’m pleased to say this time of the day is altogether a much happier, relaxed time now.

The real challenge for me now is the weekend, although In the past I’ve never smoked a great deal during these precious days off, I would always mark the event with a Saturday morning fancy coffee and fag. I’m still reaching for the Vapourlite now which is helping. I figure I’ll eventually replace the coffee itself with something else, intending as I do to get shot of the E-cigarette as well, but for now this will do just fine,

Only 3 more days to go now and then I hope, the rest of a lifetime smoke free. Best of Luck!


Express Chemist.

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