Anger Awareness Week and Christmas Stress


The British Association of Anger Management BAAM exists all year round to offer free advice on managing stress and anger. You can request a download of their free ‘Keep your Cool’ kit here. With Christmas as bold as tinsel looming large on the horizon, rising stress levels surrounding our festive break can often lead to fractious family fall-outs as people struggle to fulfil their Yuletide obligations, compounding the levels of stress and anxiety that are ever-present for many of us throughout the year.

With this in mind the timing of BAAM’s Anger Awareness Week which runs from 1st – 7th December seems all the more pertinent. In addition to their year round self help guides you can also download a Christmas specific 12 Steps to a stress free Xmas PDF. Statistics published on the BAAM site soberingly indicate that a high proportion of us suffer with festive stress with almost one in two adults reporting that an argument over Christmas has made them want to end it with their partner and a further one in four feeling that their relationship is most under pressure during the festive period.

Christmas aside the aim of BAAM’s national awareness week in their own words,

“is all about learning to take control of your behaviour. Everyone feels angry at some time; what matters is how you express that anger”

BAAM give clear and straightforward advice for managing and coping with anger. Calm and cooperation can be achieved by learning to step outside of situations and by being able to recognise triggers for anger. Coping strategies can then be learned to help us to focus the aggression of the anger of both yourself and others in an effective way. Part of BAAM’s all year round service is to provide consultations with their own army of trained advisers which can be organised around your life; just having that empathetic ear to bend can often be of benefit.

For our customers worried about stress and anger this Christmas and lacking the funds or time to organise counselling themselves there are a number of preventative supplements we offer that can be taken without prescription. For the most part containing natural ingredients, our range of supplements will help to balance mood and provide a positive outlook. Whilst many are safe to take with medications please be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are currently taking other prescriptions.

Despite the bleak financial world out there and all the pressures that surround us everyday, Christmas does remain as a holiday for people to spend some time with those closest to them, we hope that your Christmas will be enjoyable and, most importantly stress free.

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